The Upper Hawley Retainer (acrylic Around The Incisors) Is Damaged

Illustration of The Upper Hawley Retainer (acrylic Around The Incisors) Is Damaged
Illustration: The Upper Hawley Retainer (acrylic Around The Incisors) Is Damaged

Hello,! I am a 17 year old male. I have a Hawley retainer top down. The upper Hawley retainer fell on the bathroom and acrylic ceramics around the incisors. Retainer photos, retainer fragments, and dental conditions can be accessed at the following link (Google Drive folder): u003ca href = “https: // Usp = sharing ” u003e photos and retainer u003c / a u003e.

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Hello Ivan Assidqi,

The Hawley Retainer was one of the earliest gigiremovable retainer models created. Retainer Hawley is formed from a plastic or acrylic plate that is molded to the shape of the roof of the mouth and jaw, then there is a wire section that is adjusted to the position of the teeth. When used only the wire lines appear on the front of the teeth.

Hawley retainer is given to patients post braces to maintain the position of the teeth. Generally the recommended use of retainer for up to 6 months. The advantages of Hawley retainer compared to other types of retainer for example (clear retainer which is like a clear tooth mold) are:

 Hawley retainer is more durable and does not break easily when removed, can last year Doctors can change - adjust the position of Hawley retainer wire If broken can be repaired Can choose the color of the plate and wire if the patient wants Easy to be removed for cleaning or when the patient wants to eat Not easily stain The disadvantages of the Hawley retainer are:

 When used there is a lump, so that sometimes patients feel uncomfortable when talking If the size is not right will easily loose / fall When used can stimulate more salivation If your retainer is broken in the plate or loose the wire, it is best to bring it back to the doctor the teeth that give the retainer to be fixed. If not, you can look for special services for retainer repair (if any). You can contact your dentist if possible retainer can be sent via courier delivery and then repaired without having to come to the practice.

It is true that during the current Covid19 outbreak we have to limit travel if there is no immediate or urgent need, including delaying seeing a dentist if there is no emergency department. The most possible way now is to contact your dentist, to make a retainer based on your last dental print. If you have these dental molds, you can contact a trusted retainer manufacturing service to make them.

It is better not to attach the plate independently with glue, because not all glue can be used for objects left in the mouth. Some glue can cause irritation or allergic reactions. If you stick it wrong, the retainer will be uncomfortable using or even injuring the gum and palate.

Retainer was created to be dominant in wet conditions (in the mouth). However, you still have to let go to clean it. The recommended ways to clean Hawley retainer are:

 Immediately after removing the retainer, rinse with running water Brush your retainer immediately with a toothbrush to clean the dirt attached to the retainer Can use a cotton bud to clean between gaps that are difficult to clean with a toothbrush Avoid the use of toothpaste to clean the retainer As explained by me, may be useful.

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