The Use Of A Patch When You Have A Headache?

Illustration of The Use Of A Patch When You Have A Headache?
Illustration: The Use Of A Patch When You Have A Headache?

I have a headache, maybe I want to use a patch, but where should I put it?

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Hi Gilang,

Back headache is a complaint that often occurs daily and is generally caused by tension type headaches or migraine headaches. These complaints can be triggered by mild conditions such as too tired or lack of rest. If the cause is indeed a mild thing, headaches can generally improve with self-treatment such as getting enough rest, consuming enough water or taking pain medication that is sold freely.

If the headache does not improve with treatment or even worsens, it is necessary to watch out for other possible causes of headaches such as nerve or brain disorders. Such headaches should be examined by a doctor to ascertain the cause of the complaint and get treatment in accordance with the underlying conditions.

The use of patches (transdermal patch) can indeed help reduce the pain that arises due to disorders of the muscles or joints. Koyo is classified as a free product, but still needs to be used according to recommended usage to avoid the possibility of side effects. If you are going to use a patch to treat a backache, you can use a patch on the back of your neck and avoid the hair area as much as possible. However, you should still consult a doctor if the use of patch does not help reduce your complaints.

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