The Use Of Aromatherapy For Children Aged 16 Months?

Illustration of The Use Of Aromatherapy For Children Aged 16 Months?
Illustration: The Use Of Aromatherapy For Children Aged 16 Months?


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Need to be clarified beforehand, what are the ingredients in the aroma therapy that you use for your baby? Has the flu that your baby experienced significant improvement after using it? Have you checked your baby's doctor before using the aroma therapy?

Today, many products are traded that are claimed by the manufacturer to be safe for infants, even though they are not. Therefore, you as parents need to be extra careful. Because, a little or a lot of the content of these products can certainly affect the health condition of your baby, even if used through steam.

Unfortunately, the information you provide relating to the composition of the product you are using is very limited. Therefore, it is difficult for us to assess its safety for your baby. However, we suggest, if you have never consulted the product directly to the doctor, you should not use it first. It is feared, the use of inappropriate steam therapy has the potential to make your baby experience health problems, such as shortness of breath, redness, bumps, swelling, nausea, vomiting, and even shock (shock) due to allergies.

Colds (or often called the flu by ordinary people) in infants is often not a dangerous condition. These colds can occur due to allergies in the respiratory tract, for example when in an ambient temperature that is too cold, exposed to dust mites, pollen, or other allergens. It could also, colds occur due to irritation or viral and bacterial infections in the respiratory tract. Often, in addition to colds, babies will become more frequent sneezing, coughing, fussing, and difficulty sleeping. This is what often makes parents dizzy and tends to rush to provide treatment.

In fact, you need to know, that most colds in babies can heal on their own without the need for special treatment. Here are some tips you can do:

Give the baby ASI and more warm water Give him also a healthy MPASI, interspersed with fruits rich in vitamin C Keep the baby from allergen exposure (as mentioned above) Dry the baby in the morning before 9 o'clock so that the mucus in his nose melts Do not give the baby to eat and cold drinking Keep the baby away from other people who are experiencing respiratory infections. Bathe the baby with warm water. Also apply special baby warm oil on the baby's neck, chest, and back. Give the baby a thick, warm garment. If the cold doesn't improve with the steps above , or if your baby has a fever, shortness of breath, to other severe complaints, you should check it directly to the doctor or a pediatrician before giving him any medication or therapy.

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