The Use Of Binahong Leaves As Medicine?

Illustration of The Use Of Binahong Leaves As Medicine?
Illustration: The Use Of Binahong Leaves As Medicine?

, I want to make binahong leaves as a traditional herb for health, but I have never read if Binahong doesn’t break well with coffee or caffeine. Is it for me who regularly drinks coffee every day not to drink binahong water even though I don’t drink coffee at the same time, how about the explanation?

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Hello Irma, thank you for asking

Basically, binahong leaves have many benefits for the body, because after being researched, it turns out that binahoong leaves contain alkaloid compounds that can reduce blood sugar levels, anti-oxidants that can scavenge free radicals which are the most common factor in cancer cells, and saponins that are capable of lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.

Actually, to take the therapeutic effect of binahong leaves, it is necessary to know the value / content of each substance / compound contained in these leaves, therefore the correct recommendation is to consume binahong leaves under the supervision of practitioners who are competent in herbal medicine.

In addition to the useful ingredients as I have said, it turns out that binahong leaves contain ephedrine which has two side effects. First, the beneficial side effects of ephedrine are usually used in medicine to treat diseases such as asthma, nasal congestion, flu, etc. Second, the resulting negative side effects can aggravate the condition of someone with hypertension, heart disease, someone with a history of stroke, and other chronic diseases. So if the use of binahong leaves that contain ephedrine is accompanied by coffee that contains caffeine, the end result obtained is very dangerous for someone who consumes it.

In coffee contains a compound called caffeine which is very commonly known by many people. Caffeine itself has side effects in the form of increasing heart rate, increasing blood pressure, etc. So when binahong leaves are consumed together with coffee, it does not rule out the resulting effect is excessive heart rate, increased blood pressure that can cause fainting, tachycardia (heart palpitations), changes in heart rhythm, stroke (due to high blood pressure). , to coma and death. Due to the working nature of caffeine which meets ephedrine, it is mutually reinforcing the effects of each of the compounds that harm the body if excessive.

It is better when we consume herbal medicines or chemical drugs from pharmaceutical factories, is to use room temperature water. So that the work of the drug is not disturbed, does not overreact and of course still provides a therapeutic effect as expected.

I hope that is the answer. Regards

dr. Ciptanti

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