The Use Of Bleach Clothes For Baby Clothes?

Illustration of The Use Of Bleach Clothes For Baby Clothes?
Illustration: The Use Of Bleach Clothes For Baby Clothes?

Can you whiten baby clothes using bayclin clothes bleach ???

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Clothing bleach contains chlorine. Chlorine is widely used in industry widely one of which is used as disinfection of swimming pools or ingredients in detergents. Chlorine is used to kill bacteria and microorganisms.

However, babies are generally more sensitive to chlorine exposure than adults, so it has the potential to cause health problems. Contact with chlorine can cause skin irritation with symptoms such as itching, dry skin, redness, and pustules. Skin irritation due to chemical exposure is called irritant contact dermatitis. The risk will be even greater if the family has a history of atopy / allergy or asthma. Use perfume and hypoallergenic free products to reduce the risk of allergies in babies.

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