The Use Of Cloderma Ointment In Pregnancy

Illustration of The Use Of Cloderma Ointment In Pregnancy
Illustration: The Use Of Cloderma Ointment In Pregnancy

My doctor is psoriasis … I use cloderma ointment or doctor’s ointment every day … My question doc … I menstruate usually on the 15th and 15th of the day yesterday I did not menstruate … On 3 April I tested the results POSITIVE … but the day I tested, the next day I experienced a lot of bleeding like men again until today is still out … Am I a miscarriage doctor ?? There is no effect / effect of the ointment on pregnancy ??

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Hi, Hani.

Psoriasis is a condition of skin disorders caused by autoimmunity. These conditions generally occur chronic and disappear. Treatment management is usually centered on corticosteroid administration, as you use in the form of topical. Corticosteroids can only be used on the indication and according to doctor's orders.

The use of corticosteroids is known to increase the likelihood of fetal disorders in experimental animals. There are no studies using pregnant humans, so the effect on disorders of human pregnancy is only an estimate based on observations in experimental animals. That is, corticosteroids can be used in people who are pregnant, provided that the safety and well-being of the mother is considered more important than the risk of pregnancy disorders.

You can do a repeat pregnancy test to determine whether you are still pregnant or not. If you are still pregnant, consult this matter with your obstetrician and the dermatologist who is treating you. Avoid sudden stopping the use of psoriasis medications, as recurrence with severe symptoms can occur.

If it turns out your testpack results are negative, then maybe you are having or have miscarried. Of course the cause of miscarriage is very diverse, it may be caused by the effects of certain drugs, disorders of hormonal balance, certain disease conditions, and so on. Contact your obstetrician if you suspect miscarriage, so you can be sure.

Wear a mask when going to the health center. Maintain distance and contact with others. Wash your hands with soap often. Do not touch the face. Make sure you are only accompanied by one person when examined.

Hopefully this information can be useful. Regards

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