The Use Of Contact Lenses Made From Silicone Hydrogel?

Illustration of The Use Of Contact Lenses Made From Silicone Hydrogel?
Illustration: The Use Of Contact Lenses Made From Silicone Hydrogel?

Hy, 7 months ago I was a contact lens user minus 3 and colored. Use it very often. Almost every day for 9 hours, every 4 hours I wash washing. Because I know GK know the origin of softlens, buy and use, and of course, always follow the usage instructions, but before LBH is lacking for 7 months, I think my eyes are dirty and they have stuck to the eye area. Hold it like a stubborn slimy, every morning comes out dirt, and it feels a bit painful after changing the brand of soft lens cleaning, the eyes are tired, finally I decided to stop using. Towards this 7 months ordinary eyes only but occasionally need a soft contact, km buy that It is said that silicon oxygen hydrogel will come in, I want to ask if this will not cause eye fatigue anymore, and will the doctor allow it? Where the mmg and oxygen come in but still the eye organ d coated in objects like that is safe. ?

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Hello Nia, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself that Dr. Rio will answer your question.

The use of contact lenses is basically as a visual aid. But there are also those who use these lenses to complement their appearance because of their color and size, which can make the eyes look even more beautiful. The use of contact lenses every person is sometimes different, it can be said the use of contact lenses and their products such as the liquid is a match to the user. In using contact lenses, it must be extra extra in maintaining cleanliness. Because contact lenses are used in the eyes, certain are very sensitive when causing complaints. The most common is due to contact lenses that are dirty and rarely cleaned can cause infection in the eye and around the eyes.

Softlens made from silicone hydrogel are the most recommended contact lens choices. This is because softlens of this type allow oxygen to pass through the cornea of ​​the eye, so that its use feels more comfortable. In addition, there are several things that you should definitely consider when choosing the type of contact lens, namely:

 Choose the type of contact lens that suits the state of your eyes such as the minuses. Choose contact lenses that have a greater water content because it will make it more comfortable on the eyes. Maintain cleanliness of hands and contact lenses before and after using them. Avoid using contact lenses for too long. Remove contact lens when going to sleep. Avoid rubbing your eyes when using contact lenses. Note the contact lens expiration date. That's all the answers I can give. Thank you :)

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