The Use Of Contact Lenses With White Sores On The Eye?

Good evening, I want to ask When I first used contact lenses a few months, my eyes were red and irritated, causing scars on my eyes, the color was white and the shape was kind of like that and now I am healed. Can I use contact lenses again if the condition of my left eye is like this? thank you

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Although contact lenses can be easily obtained these days, you should stay alert. The use of contact lenses that are not right can make your eye health disturbed, even causing infections that are severe enough to lead to permanent blindness.

Eyes that are irritated from contact lenses are often mild. This condition can be characterized by red, watery, itchy, or dry eyes. If it is true that there are no dangerous conditions, this eye irritation should improve automatically within 1 to 3 days without the need for serious treatment, and without leaving a dangerous sequelae in the future. However, if the eye irritation is quite severe and is not treated properly, there can be damage to the components of the deeper eye, for example keratitis, endofthalmitis, pantofthalmitis, etc. that need to be treated quickly and correctly.

The appearance of vaginal discharge on your eyes can occur for many reasons, such as pinguecula, pterygium, conjunctivitis, uveitis, keratitis, corneal ulcer, cataracts, and so on. Depending on the cause of this condition, you may go back to using contact lenses, or you may not. Without checking the condition of your eyes directly, of course it is difficult for us to identify what exactly the cause of complaints in your eyes before.

It is better to consult first regarding the condition of your eyes to a doctor or ophthalmologist. With a thorough eye examination, the doctor can certainly determine, is it true that the condition of your eye is now completely healed, or need other treatment. Even if it is safe for you to use contact lenses again, the doctor will also prescribe and teach you the use of contact lenses that are appropriate for your eye condition.

Without consulting a doctor first, we recommend that you do not carelessly use contact lenses to prevent further damage to the components of your eye. Always keep your eyes from getting in the dust, pollution and other irritants. Do not forget, also avoid using excessive cosmetics around the eyes to minimize the risk of irritation.

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