The Use Of Dentures To Overcome The Front Toothless Tooth?

Illustration of The Use Of Dentures To Overcome The Front Toothless Tooth?
Illustration: The Use Of Dentures To Overcome The Front Toothless Tooth?

HELLO, my brother is still in high school toothless at the front teeth. there are 3 toothless, so far he uses dentures made of plastic and when he wants to go to college, doctors recommend using implants. but he was afraid of surgery, so did he have permanent dentures besides implants for my sister? he doesn’t turn on.

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Toothless teeth can not only damage the appearance, but can also interfere with the process of talking, make it difficult to chew food, also risk disrupting the structure of the gum and jaw around it. Therefore, toothless teeth need to be treated further. The handling of toothless teeth can be done in various ways, the most often done is the use of dentures.

There are many types of dentures, which can be used permanently (implantable) or temporary (removable dentures). Based on the amount, dentures are also divided into 2, namely partial dentures and complete dentures. In fact, dental implant placement is often not a dangerous procedure, as long as it is performed by a competent dentist. Therefore, if afraid, you should not immediately cancel the intention to install it. Consult directly with the dentist to explain the benefits and risks that may arise from these actions so that your sister is more determined in making choices.

In addition to dentures, there are actually other alternatives that can be done to overcome toothless teeth, namely by using a crown bridge. This crown bridge is a dental blanket that is mounted by filing the teeth that are still intact on the right and left sides of the toothless gap, and then the dental blanket that connects them is installed. However, the installation of a crown bridge is not common in toothless people that exceed 2 teeth.

The selection of proper handling of toothless teeth should ideally be made directly by the dentist who inspects. Therefore, it is not appropriate if it is only determined based on this kind of online consultation. Better, you take your brother to check his condition back to the nearest dentist so that the best alternative solutions are found.

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