The Use Of Drugstore Creams That Aggravate Acne Scars?

Illustration of The Use Of Drugstore Creams That Aggravate Acne Scars?
Illustration: The Use Of Drugstore Creams That Aggravate Acne Scars?

At night, my face was originally blotchy, then I routinely washed my face with facial soap and masks, so the pimples reduced and there were quite a lot of pimples then I used a natural way to search on YouTube, and there was a word like ointment or cream in a pharmacy that could remove stains black on my face and then I tried 1-2 times using my face okay and the third time I used it in the evening and in the morning I washed red and red tarted the acne scars, give advice and the medicine please thank

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Hello Bro. Thank you for consulting with us on The use of facial creams that are not indicated and without supervision by experts sometimes can indeed cause irritation or allergic reactions that can harm your skin. Many creams that are sold freely at pharmacies are very diverse, and we cannot explain specifically what cream you are taking so that it causes a reaction like yours.

The reaction that occurs on your skin may be an allergic reaction or an irritant reaction from the use of the cream. However, sometimes these unexpected reactions can occur within a few moments where a temporary reaction which is a series of improvements to the skin condition that occurs or is called purging. These temporary reactions will improve over time and the expected skin results will naturally appear.

We can not confirm the condition that you are experiencing without direct examination, because all forms of skin disorders are impossible to handle without direct examination. Therefore, we advise you to check yourself directly to the dermatologist to be examined carefully and get the appropriate treatment. While the cream that you previously used is not used first, and you can bring the cream with you when you consult with your doctor so that the doctor knows the content of the cream that is causing the reaction that is happening now. Meanwhile, to prevent acne scars, of course, is to prevent acne that can occur on the skin, so you can do a series of treatments at home like:

choose cleansers that are suitable for your skin that tends to break out
clean face properly and don't rub the skin too hard
use skin care that is water based and does not cause blackheads / noncomedogenic
use a sunscreen with non-comedogenic formula

Avoid bad habits like holding pimples too often and pressing pimples first with dirty hands
do a healthy lifestyle by eating lots of vegetables and fruit, and consuming enough water to keep your skin moisturized.
Thus we can convey, hopefully answering your questions. thanks.

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