The Use Of Eye Drops In Pregnant Women?

Illustration of The Use Of Eye Drops In Pregnant Women?
Illustration: The Use Of Eye Drops In Pregnant Women?

I am pregnant UK 12 weeks I have eye pain … can I use cindo liteer drops ???

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Pain in the eye there are many possible causes, can be due to irritation, allergies, infections, entry of foreign objects or certain chemical substances, glaucoma (increased pressure in the eyeball), and so on. It could also, the eyes feel pain due to abnormalities originating from the surrounding structures, such as migraines, sinusitis, skin infections around the eyes (for example acne, boils), cluster headaches, trigeminal neuralgia, and so on. Treatment for this pain can certainly vary depending on the cause.

Cendo lyteers, are a type of artificial tears, because they contain components such as sodium chloride and potassium chloride. The use of this drug in pregnant women is relatively safe, provided you do not experience allergies to its constituent components. Artificial tears are useful for maintaining eye moisture while minimizing inflammation. With proper use, artificial tears can help reduce pain in the eyes. Also use this artificial tears with the following steps:

Compress eyes with warm water
Do not rub your eyes excessively
Do not use excessive cosmetics, or other materials that are prone to enter and irritate the eyes
Use glasses as a protector so that the eyes do not have dangerous foreign objects
Do not look at direct sunlight
Sleep is more disciplined
Limit your time on staring at gadgets

However, if the use of artificial tears alone does not work to resolve your complaint within 1 to 3 days, or other heavier complaints appear, such as red eyes, swelling, abnormal discharge, visual disturbances, extreme pain, etc., you should check get yourself to a doctor or ophthalmologist right ...

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