The Use Of Eyeglass Lenses In Minus Eyes?

Illustration of The Use Of Eyeglass Lenses In Minus Eyes?
Illustration: The Use Of Eyeglass Lenses In Minus Eyes?

Hello, I want a consultation. I just bought new glasses, right eye minus 3.25 left eye minus 1.75 and cylinder 0.50. In the lens of my glasses I use a lower minus size. Right eye minus 2.50 left eye minus 1.50 and cylinder 0.50. After I put on the glasses it felt strange and uncomfortable because the object seemed to be moving, when I nodded or turned around, the object seemed to be moving because I saw the object retract from the angle of the glasses. In addition, objects also appear more oval and farther away from the reality. What do you think the cause is? Thank you

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Minus eye is something that often happens. One of the minus eyes is caused by the elongation of the eyeball, so that the image falls in front of the retina.

The use of eyeglass lenses should use the appropriate size. From all the circumstances that you are experiencing at the moment, dizziness and discomfort, as well as objects such as moving may be caused by the adjustment process to the new eyeglass lenses. After changing the size of the lens, it may take some time for your eyes to get used to it, which can cause deformities or dizziness. This is something that is normal, and will usually tend to improve within 7 days.

But besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

The wrong size of the eyeglass lens, for example the size of the minus lens, the new glasses are too big, the wrong axis of the lens is interference with the retina, bleeding in the vertigo eye, therefore, if your condition does not improve within 3-5 days then you should get checked out regularly. directly to an ophthalmologist so they can check your condition directly. Maybe later you need to repair the eyeglass lenses you are using.

The following is an article that you can read about eye minus therapy as recommended by your doctor

may be useful. thank you

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