The Use Of Foot Hair Thresher On Head Hair.?

Illustration of The Use Of Foot Hair Thresher On Head Hair.?
Illustration: The Use Of Foot Hair Thresher On Head Hair.?

, I want to ask. Is there an impact on the use of veet to remove unwanted hair that grows on the tip of the forehead so that the hair disappears permanently? Because this is not fur but hair. If it is not permitted because it has an impact on nerves, is there a solution to remove unwanted hair

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The presence of hair on the face is generally a normal condition experienced by everyone. It's just that sometimes facial hair that grows thicker and looks clearer, so that interfere with appearance. There are several procedures that can be done to remove facial hair, including:

Depilatory is the procedure of hair loss by using labels, creams, and gels that contain chemicals.
Waxing is the procedure of lifting hair to the roots, making the skin soft and completely free of hair.
A laser is a procedure for removing signposts by aiming for pigments in the hair follicles.

The advantages of the depilatory procedure you mean are not expensive, fast, and painless. However, this product has the potential to cause irritation to sensitive skin. I recommend that before performing each procedure, you first consult a dermatologist and a specialist in the skin, so that a cream that is suitable for your skin can be identified.

As for what you need to pay attention to in performing the depilatory procedure, namely:

It's best to try depilatory cream first by rubbing it on the inner arm and see the reaction after two days. If it's safe, then you can start using the depilatory cream. However, if irritation occurs, do not use the depilatory cream.
Do not leave a depilatoric cream on the face for too long, because it can cause blisters, stinging, and rashes.
Choose depilatory creams that contain moisturizers, aloe vera, or vitamin E.
After performing the depilatory procedure, apply sunscreen with SPF 30 before leaving the room.
To prevent irritation, avoid applying it to the area that has been shaved or around the eyes.

Such information that I can provide, hopefully can help you.

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