The Use Of Gamat Jelly To Treat Diabetes?

Illustration of The Use Of Gamat Jelly To Treat Diabetes?
Illustration: The Use Of Gamat Jelly To Treat Diabetes?

good night, i want to ask my mother has a history of diabetes and her sugar level is now 310. I have heard that jelly gamas medicine is good for illnesses, and I have tried it myself when my phone was sick and cured with it. My question is whether jellygamat is also good for diabetes?

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Hello Kristiyawati, thank you for asking Aloddokter.

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will answer your question.

Respond to your statement, regarding your mother's disease, diabetes mellitus / DM. DM itself is a disease characterized by blood sugar levels above normal / high, and is usually chronic / prolonged. Which must be understood by yourself if someone is diagnosed with DM it will be permanent / lifelong, and if not handled properly it will shorten the life span and reduce the quality of one's life with some complications that will arise. Some of the complications are:

 Diabetic ketoacidis Heart disease Stroke Chronic renal failure Diabetic neuropathy Visual impairment Depression Dementia Hearing loss Foot injuries and infections that are difficult to heal Skin damage due to bacterial and fungal infections. Regarding the high level of sugar that your mother has until it reaches 310 (although I don't know what type of sugar you have mentioned, both GDS, GDP, GD2PP), but the most common thing to do is check the Blood Sugar When / GDS, I suspect your mother is indeed accepting diabetes mellitus / DM. Considering DM itself is often referred to as a silent killer / silent killer / silent killer because of some severe complications that can occur even though previously the signs and symptoms can be considered mild, you must take your mother for routine treatment to the doctor, because this disease is permanent and blood sugar must be controlled from time to time.

To reduce blood sugar levels in people with DM to date the most effective way is to use sugar-lowering drugs, diet, and a healthy lifestyle. Apart from the above method I strongly discourage, including the use of herbal jelly gemat medicine. Too many DM patients have fallen into the promise of sweet herbal remedies, and alternative medicine treatments that are not clear without scientific proof.

Continue the danger of not using DM drugs for life? I get this question very much, and here are my answers. It would be even more dangerous if people with diabetes did not take DM medication regularly, because complications would occur more quickly.

Respond to your earaches that you treat with jelly exasperated and cured. It is an infection or mild inflammation of the ear that is not treated - anything will heal itself, if it is a severe infection I can guarantee that the mother will definitely go to the ENT doctor afterwards. What I want to emphasize is that herbal medicine may be consumed, but it should not be used as the main drug, because it has no clear efficacy and has not been proven scientifically. Herbal medicine can be used as a companion drug, in addition to the main drug consumed. If in your mother's case it is a sugar-lowering drug.

Right now what you can do for your mother is:

 Bring your mother to see a doctor regularly, the doctor will check your mother's sugar levels regularly and periodically to monitor the progress of treatment. You must understand that diabetes / diabetes mellitus is a disease that can not be cured, but can only be controlled. So if your mother's sugar levels are normal, continue to consume sugar-lowering drugs, don't worry, the sugar will be too low, it will be minimal if the patient keeps eating. Use herbal medicine as a companion drug. Always accompany your mother in treatment, remembering that treatment will continue. That's all my answer, hopefully helping you and your family.

Thank you very much :)

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