The Use Of Glycerin Borax To Treat Inflammation.?

Illustration of The Use Of Glycerin Borax To Treat Inflammation.?
Illustration: The Use Of Glycerin Borax To Treat Inflammation.?

Can glycerin borax work for angular cheilitis?

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Angular cheilits are inflammation of one or both corners of the mouth, generally accompanied by a change in color to redness and skin damage (cuts and dryness). In addition, it can also be accompanied by itching and pain. This condition can be caused by infection, irritation, or allergies. The cause of infection can be in the form of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus), or fungi (candida albicans). The cause of irritation can be dentures, dry mouth, exposure to the sun, cigarettes, and injuries due to trauma, while allergies can be in the form of toothpaste, makeup, or food.

Therefore, the treatment of this disease is based on the main cause, with a moisturizing cream added. Management of the cause can be in the form of antibiotics, antifungals, and others. Especially for glycerin borax, it is an antiseptic / disinfectant class of drugs that is often used in sores or inflammation of the mouth, such as mouth sores, inflammation of the gums, tongue, etc. Although there is research that borax glycerin can help the healing process in exfoliative cheilitis (another type of cheilitis, which is often found in patients with HIV and AIDS), there is no research that proves that this drug can treat angular cheilitis.

The thing you can do at home is

Maintain your nutritional needs (including vitamins and minerals) and fluids
Use lip balm to avoid dry lips
Maintain oral and facial hygiene
Avoid smoking

For further treatment, if your symptoms do not improve for 2 weeks, I advise you to check the condition to a general practitioner or dermatologist so that you can be examined, diagnosed and the cause of your condition, and appropriate treatment. Use antibiotics, antifungals, or inflammation-reducing agents (steroids) only with a doctor's recommendation.

So, hopefully you can help.

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