The Use Of Gold In Infants Aged 7 Months?

Illustration of The Use Of Gold In Infants Aged 7 Months?
Illustration: The Use Of Gold In Infants Aged 7 Months?

Good evening, my name is Nurus and I have a 7 month old son. Is it dangerous if a child my age wears gold? What will be the short and long term if my baby continues to use gold? thank you

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Hello Nurus, thank you for asking.

Gold in the form of jewelry is gold in a very large molecule. That is, the large molecules are very small possibility to be absorbed by the skin. Gold in nanoparticles is used by several brands of face care products. This is based on the claim that small particles of gold can be absorbed by the skin and are to improve skin circulation. The end result is more moist skin. However, not all studies have found a relationship between gold particles and their effects on the body through skin contact.

In some people, metal allergies can occur. However, these allergies generally occur in metals other than gold. The thing you should pay attention to is, in what form your child wears gold. Babies should not wear necklaces because of the risk of strangulation during sleep. Babies also should not use the ring because of the risk of swallowing. So, make sure that you understand this risk before putting jewelry on your baby.

Thus the information I can give. Hope you are helped. Regards.

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