The Use Of Ice Cubes And Lemons On The Face Every Day?

Illustration of The Use Of Ice Cubes And Lemons On The Face Every Day?
Illustration: The Use Of Ice Cubes And Lemons On The Face Every Day?

Is it okay to use facial care with ice cubes then continue with lemon? r nAnd my skin is oily, can I use ice cubes and lemons every day?

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Many literatures mention the use of cold compresses on the skin is useful for shrinking enlarged skin pores, so that facial oil production can be reduced. However, this cold compress does not always mean it has to be done with ice cubes. The use of ice cubes with extremely cold temperatures actually risks making your skin's moisture drastically reduced so that it makes skin easily wrinkled, dry, and microorganisms that cause disease are more easily stopped and reproduce. The combination of ice cubes with lemons, sensitive people are also feared can cause skin irritation. Often, this irritation occurs mildly, which only causes the skin to feel itchy and reddish. However, in more severe cases, your skin can also swell, peel, blister, and this condition will certainly be more difficult to handle.

Therefore, before using certain facial treatments, including those using natural ingredients such as ice cubes and lemons, you should first check your skin type to a doctor or dermatologist. Thus, the doctor can evaluate your skin type, and assess whether it is safe for you to do the action, or not. With a direct examination, the doctor can recommend to you skin care products that are precisely tailored to the type of skin and the problems that exist on your skin.

To help nourish oily skin, here are some suggestions that you can do:

Choose skin care products that are specially formulated for owners of oily skin, which are free of excess oil (oil free), including facial wash, moisturizer, toner, cosmetics, cleanser, and so on
Wash your face regularly morning and evening
Before the activity, use sunscreen and moisturizer
Avoid using cosmetics that are too thick
Clean the skin from dirt and cosmetics, especially before going to sleep
If there is excess oil buildup on the skin, use oil paper to reduce it
Do not touch the skin with dirty hands
Drink more water
Reduce consumption of foods that are oily, high in cholesterol
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruit
Sleep adequately and regularly
Do not stress

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