The Use Of Kojie Soap Is Accompanied By The Use Of Cream From A Doctor

Illustration of The Use Of Kojie Soap Is Accompanied By The Use Of Cream From A Doctor
Illustration: The Use Of Kojie Soap Is Accompanied By The Use Of Cream From A Doctor

My doctor wanted to ask, is it safe to use kojie san soap along with the cream from the doctor I use. Thank you dock

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Basically kojic acid (the content in the soap you use) in low concentrations is safe enough to use. However, kojic acid can cause several side effects for the skin. In people who have sensitive skin, products containing kojic acid can still cause allergic reactions and irritation to the skin. Therefore, you must make sure in advance that the use of the soap does not cause certain reactions on your skin. If you experience redness, itching, swelling, rashes or pimples appear when you use this soap, the soap should not be used anymore.

Another reaction that can be caused by the use of kojic acid is the skin which becomes more sunburned. This is also what you need to consider when you use a cream from a doctor because some types of ingredients in a skin care cream from a doctor can contain ingredients that cause similar side effects (making the skin more sensitive to the sun). You must make sure you use creams from your doctor in the right way and make sure you always avoid direct sunlight on your skin and use sunscreen when you leave the house in the morning and afternoon.

To be safe, it helps you ask the doctor who treats your skin directly to find out whether there is a certain reaction between the soap you use and the cream that it provides (doctor's concoction cream can contain different ingredients and only your doctor knows what ingredients are used. used).

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