The Use Of Magic Tissue To Relieve Pain?

Illustration of The Use Of Magic Tissue To Relieve Pain?
Illustration: The Use Of Magic Tissue To Relieve Pain?

Hello doctor, I want to ask if the wound is painful and deep enough to feel extreme pain. Can I use tissue magic to get rid of the pain, can it be used to clean germs and bacteria? Are there any side effects? if in an emergency there is no alcohol or other medical assistance

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Hello MonCh,

Magic tissue is a wet tissue intended to maintain or strengthen penile erections. Magic tissue contains a substance that makes numbness to reduce the sensation of the penis, so that ejaculation takes longer. Some of the ingredients contained in tissue magic include:

Polyethylene glycol
Cocamidopropyl betaine

So far, tissue magic has only been used for the penis and not for handling wounds on the skin. There are no medical studies regarding the side effects of tissue magic on wounds. The concern is that the tissue irritates the wound or may not have any effect on the wound.

If there is a wound on the skin first aid, just clean the wound with clean water (if there is using a sterile salt / crystalloid solution) so that there is no dirt in the wound. If there is bleeding that continues to flow, press with thick gauze or a clean cloth. Please go to the nearest health facility to get treatment. If the wound is not large and there is no more bleeding you can use an antiseptic fluid such as povidone iodine to treat the wound. Deep and large wounds (tearing) may require suturing to help the wound heal. When sewing is usually injected with local anesthetic containing lidocaine so that it does not feel painful. This anesthetic only lasts for a while around 30-60 minutes. For further pain relief is given using oral drugs (taken). Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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