The Use Of Masks As A Skincare Routine?

Illustration of The Use Of Masks As A Skincare Routine?
Illustration: The Use Of Masks As A Skincare Routine?

Regards. I want to ask. I use an organic mask that I bought in powder form mixed with water and I also use a freeman mask product, in my use I use it every day, alternating between the organic mask and the freeman mask, and every night after using the mask, I use aloe vera gel for maintain moisture. Is the use of these masks allowed? Will it actually be bad for the skin? Thank you in advance.

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Hello. Good afternoon. Thank you for asking

Skin care that can be done at home is to use a face mask should be to use natural ingredients that should not be mixed with chemicals. Materials to choose from are

- The best cucumber for smoothing kuit should be mixed with sugar and spread evenly on the face
- Avocado is best for moisturizing which should be mixed with tea then applied and allowed to stand for 15 minutes
- Oatmeal is used to reduce oil production.

For the use of masks with truly natural ingredients, it can be used every 3 days or even every day, but if you use chemicals that have been mixed with chemicals, you should avoid using them every day, this is to avoid the effects of chemicals that can cause damage from skin cell.

Another thing that is important for facial care and should be applied routinely every day is

- Sufficient fluid needs so that it can maintain skin moisture, namely water 1.5 to 2 liters per day
- Use sun block to avoid direct sun exposure to the skin
- Consumption and consumption of fruits and vegetables
- Avoid stress and multiply positive thinking

That's the thing we can say. May be useful. Thank you

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