The Use Of Masks For The Public, Which Is Correct?

Illustration of The Use Of Masks For The Public, Which Is Correct?
Illustration: The Use Of Masks For The Public, Which Is Correct?

Based on the WHO website, healthy people who wear masks are people who come in contact with patients / people affected by COVID-19, and masks must be used by sick people, or have symptoms of illness including coughing or sneezing. Meanwhile, according to infection prevention specialist, Eli Perencevich, the use of masks in healthy people can increase the risk of infection. Moreover, he said, if the use does not follow standard procedures.

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The things you read about and already know about are actually very precise and accurate. Masks are only recommended for use by people who are sick, people who are caring for sick people, and medical staff who are working to treat sick people. The use of masks in healthy people is very ineffective in preventing transmission of disease and is highly not recommended. The impact of using masks on healthy people is very broad, especially in the current viral pandemic.

As many people already feel, masks are very difficult to obtain and the prices have jumped so high. When healthy people who really don't really need a mask continue to buy masks, people who really really need a mask just can't get it. Can you imagine the impact widely:

People who are sick can not get a mask and it will spread the disease to the people around him
People who are caring for the sick (and who have a high risk of contracting) simply cannot get the protection they need
Health workers whose jobs do care for the sick (and have the highest risk of contracting the disease also cannot get the protection they need. If health workers fall due to illness, the national health system will collapse and you can imagine the impact if there is no more (or only one) just two people) health workers who can work in hospitals to treat sick people.

Therefore, these people's choices are clearly not right. It would be more effective if healthy people take precautionary measures that have been heralded:

Stay at home and not leave the house if you don't really need to
Avoid the crowd, avoid using public transportation
Keep a safe distance from other people (at least 1.8-2 meters), avoid direct contact with others
Wash your hands with soap as often as possible, or use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol if there is no handwashing area available
Avoid touching the face, especially if you have not washed your hands
Maintain health and endurance by sleeping enough, eating enough to drink, getting enough exercise, and not smoking.

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