The Use Of Medicines That Are Safe For Pregnant Women?

Illustration of The Use Of Medicines That Are Safe For Pregnant Women?
Illustration: The Use Of Medicines That Are Safe For Pregnant Women?

In the morning, my ear on the left side of my ear was scratched then I scratched it with my fingers and it was cutton bad. When I saw my doctor I was given anastan forte mefenamic acid 500mg caplet, alleron 4mg, yusimox 500 mg. My position is 36 weeks pregnant. Do you think the drug is safe or not for the fetus?

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An itchy ear if you scratch it continuously can cause ear irritation and infection. Inflammation of the external ear, commonly referred to as otitis externa, can cause redness, swelling, pain, and pus.

If your situation is currently pregnant, then your actions to see a doctor directly are good. The drugs you take are drugs that contain mefenamic acid, CTM, and amoxicillin. The medicine that you consume is quite safe to consume if it is used based on a doctor's examination and is used in a short period of time.

Some side effects that may be caused by the drugs you use such as drug allergies, stomach pain, nausea. But this rarely happens. If these effects occur then consult a doctor directly. Take your doctor's medication according to schedule, and re-control it after the drug has run out. Routine control also to your obstetrician specialist yes.

The following article you can read about antibiotics for pregnant women

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