The Use Of Minoxidil And Biotin To Increase Hair Volume?

I want to ask, my hair is indeed thin and rarely born. my question is whether using minox can increase hair volume or increase volume? then if I use minoxidil and biotin for treatment, is that okay?

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 Minoxidil is a vasodilator class of drugs, where these drugs function to dilate blood vessels so that blood flow becomes smooth. So that the drug can be used to stimulate the growth of head hair, beards and mustaches. So you can try to stimulate hair growth using this medicine. There are 2 types of minoxidil, namely 5% minoxidil indicated for men and 2% minoxidil for women.
 While biotin is a vitamin that has a role in growth and also the health of the skin, hair, eyes, kidneys, and central nervous system. So that it can be used to treat hair loss, insomnia, to fatigue due to lack of biotin. You may also use this supplement to stimulate hair growth by meeting your hair's nutritional needs.
 Meanwhile, you also need to eat foods that are healthy and nutritious. Avoid frequent shampooing, shampooing just once in three days. Use the appropriate type of shampoo. You can also apply aloe vera or hazelnut oil to help the growth of head hair. If the attempt fails, you can consult directly with a dermatologist.
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