The Use Of Night Cream From Etawa Goat Milk In Adolescents?

Illustration of The Use Of Night Cream From Etawa Goat Milk In Adolescents?
Illustration: The Use Of Night Cream From Etawa Goat Milk In Adolescents?

Tonight ‘may I ask? About 15 years old, you may or may not have used night cream and day cream from kefir

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Kefir is a product produced from fermented milk using several types of bacteria and also yeast. This product itself is already known for its various advantages for bodily health based on various studies when consumed, such as:

Probiotics (helps to add 'good bacteria' to the digestive tract)
Helps increase endurance
Helps reduce inflammation
Helps reduce blood cholesterol levels
Helps function as an antioxidant
Helps relieve allergic reactions
Helps reduce blood pressure

As for its use in the health care products themselves, the research is still quite limited, but it is thought to have an effect in the form of:

Skin protection from UV rays
As an antioxidant
Provides an antibacterial effect that helps prevent acne

Seeing some of the effects that can be given by this material, it can be said that the use of kefis for health care itself is quite good, but its use must be based on a clear indication from a dermatologist because it requires a direct and thorough examination in advance about the condition of the skin and also your skin problems. have now, whether your conditions and problems require the effects of this kefir itself.

It is not recommended to use it on the basis of your own decisions or recommendations of others, because it can only aggravate the skin problems you have or even cause irritation / allergic reactions on your skin.

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