The Use Of Stomach Acid Drugs For Sore Throat?

Illustration of The Use Of Stomach Acid Drugs For Sore Throat?
Illustration: The Use Of Stomach Acid Drugs For Sore Throat?

I want to ask, can this drug lanzoprazole be used for sore throat? because in the next application I was prescribed this medicine when my throat hurts but it heals for a long time, my throat still hurts a little.

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Medical drugs are chemical drugs prescribed by a doctor after carrying out a diagnostic procedure, so that drugs that are not sold freely and must be prescribed by a doctor are not obtained without examination and not purchased without a written prescription before a clinical examination by a doctor. Therefore, even if you or the patient get treatment without an examination, then you should postpone the purchase of drugs until you see your doctor, unless you buy drugs with free drug signs at the pharmacy.
Regarding the drug lanzoprazole, this drug is indicated for patients with gastric disturbances, peptic ulcers, or increased gastric acid (esophageal) fluid (GERD), this is controlled by reducing gastric acid production, thereby reducing irritation to the stomach and digestion. In patients with gastric disorders or GERD can indeed cause irritation and pain when swallowing due to irritation of the esophagus. This happens because stomach acid that rises from the stomach into the esophagus which eventually causes complaints of pain, injury, and swallowing disorders or a lump feeling when swallowing. Therefore, if indeed you have done a direct examination to the doctor and the doctor prescribes lanzoprazole, then the doctor's examination results indicate an indication of GERD or irritation in your esophagus. The process of recovering complaints from each individual is different, it can range from a few days to weeks. Therefore, during the treatment period, you should prevent anything that increases GERD complaints, whether late eating, spicy food, instant food, stress or lack of sleep. As long as you do not prevent the triggering factors, then this complaint will often repeat and bother you even though you have received treatment.
If until now the complaint that you feel has not improved, then you should consult back to the doctor who treats you. Your doctor will evaluate your treatment and recovery. Furthermore, doctors can consider several medical conditions that can trigger complaints that you feel, such as inflammation of the throat, tonsils, foreign objects in the throat or the throat area. The results of the evaluation will be a reference for your care and treatment.
For now, several other businesses you need to do, such as:
1. Don't eat too late
2. Avoid risky foods
3. Rest when physical condition is tired
4. Avoid sleeping late at night
5. Expand water and healthy food
Thus the info we can convey
thank you

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