The Use Of Ursodiol To Overcome Gallstones?

Illustration of The Use Of Ursodiol To Overcome Gallstones?
Illustration: The Use Of Ursodiol To Overcome Gallstones?

I want to ask, I had an internal disease last year that required me to be on an ultrasound, the doctor accidentally discovered that my ultrasound had found gallstones which were already large (although not the main problem at that time). Though so far there have been no complaints of pain in the area of ​​the gallbladder area, so he said if it’s okay then there is no need to be ‘lifted’. But because I was worried and wanted to find out as early as possible, I saw on the internet that there were many who said that ‘Ursodiol’ could reduce gallstones. If I may know how the medicine works like what? U003cbr u003e Is it really effective? To get the medicine there for sale at the pharmacy or must consult at the hospital first? u003cbr u003e u003cbr u003e What I am afraid of is that the consulting doctor insisted on leaving my gallstones just like that until I was really sick, even though I wanted to take initial action.

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Hello Tjung Shin,

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Gall bladder stones or cholelithiasis are stones that are formed from cholesterol in the bile duct. Symptoms in patients with this disease vary, depending on the size and number of stones, and whether they cause blockages in the gallbladder. The gallbladder is an organ to store bile, which functions to dissolve the fat consumed daily. If it is blocked, it can cause severe abdominal pain (colic), especially when consuming fatty foods, and can also cause yellowing of the skin and eyes.

Handling this disease is by using drugs, and also operative measures. The drug you mentioned contains the active ingredient ursodeoxycholic acid, which works by reducing the formation of cholesterol in the liver, and inhibits the absorption of fat in the intestine. Lower cholesterol levels are ultimately expected to reduce the size of gallstones. However, this drug is not sold freely and can only be purchased using a prescription from a doctor.

Another option is operative action. However, the operative indication for bile removal is not absolute, which means it is a consideration of the team of treating doctors, which consists of internal medicine specialists and surgeons, by considering the benefits after surgery compared to the risks that can occur during and after surgery. argued that operative measures should only be done if gallstones have caused blockages, or begin to cause symptoms such as recurrent abdominal pain, and yellowing in the patient, because it is not considered necessary if it does not yet cause symptoms. But some other expert opinions also consider taking operative action before further complications occur.

Both the use of drugs and surgery, certainly have certain side effects or risks, so it is only recommended if more benefits to the patient. It should be remembered that in this disease, generally the surgical procedure performed is not only to remove gallstones, but is to remove the gallbladder along with the stone. Therefore, although after surgery the patient can generally live normally as usual, of course tolerance to fatty foods is also greatly reduced. If you are in doubt, always discuss it with the doctor who treats you, because as a patient you have the right to ask questions and be given a complete explanation of your condition and treatment plan.

What you can do now:

Don't worry, because stress can trigger further disease progression. The doctor's decision not to recommend surgery at this time must have been through consideration of the benefits and risks of surgery. Reduce eating fatty foods, multiply fruits and vegetables. Do regular physical activity. Get plenty of rest. Hopefully this helps.

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