The Vagina Feels Narrow After Giving Birth?

Illustration of The Vagina Feels Narrow After Giving Birth?
Illustration: The Vagina Feels Narrow After Giving Birth?

, I want a consultation, after giving birth to the vagina feels pain when having sex. Does this indicate I got extra stitches after giving birth, because the vagina feels very narrow. Even though I was in touch after 2 months of giving birth. How to overcome this? Because it’s so annoying. Thanks.

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Hello Alma, thank you for asking at

Pain during intercourse after childbirth is indeed quite commonly felt, this is due to some changes that occur postpartum, especially if you give birth normally.

The most common cause of the appearance of complaints and a feeling like narrow when having sex after childbirth is because the vagina becomes drier than before pregnancy and also during pregnancy. This is due to a drastic decrease in female hormones (in this case the estrogen hormone) which plays an important role in 'smoothing' the vaginal surface. Based on research, if you exclusively breastfeed, this can also cause a lower amount of the hormone estrogen so that the vagina becomes drier compared to not giving exclusive breastfeeding.

The complaint that you experience is very rarely caused by postpartum suture because the suturing is done basically does not aim to 'narrow' the vagina after childbirth.

For a while, you can try using a special lubricant to have sex before the penis is inserted into the vagina. If you have tried this but the complaint is still felt, you are advised to consult a doctor for further examination to find out if there are other conditions that cause your complaints such as a wound after the stitches are reopened, vaginal muscles tighten, or the presence of infection of the vagina.

In addition, it is also advisable to always maintain the cleanliness of your vagina every day, do exercises for the vaginal muscles, and avoid stress wherever possible.

I hope this helps.

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