The Vagina Feels Something Moving?

Illustration of The Vagina Feels Something Moving?
Illustration: The Vagina Feels Something Moving?

hi, I want to ask .. n last July my period was on the 10th, usually going forward 4 days .. now this August I haven’t had my period. the waist sometimes hurts like menstruation but it doesn’t last long (sometimes it hurts). I tried the Tespack but it was negative (I should have had my period on August 6, but until the 12th I haven’t had my period) I don’t have any discharge, but sometimes my vagina feels something is moving and sometimes it makes me uncomfortable. my stomach feels hard too. why huh? do I have to go to the doctor directly? thank you

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Hi Icha,

Thank you for asking

Late menstruation can arise due to normal conditions, for example when you are pregnant, using birth control, stress, fatigue, exercising too hard, experiencing a very drastic weight loss or gain, or following a certain diet. However, it could also be that this delay in menstruation occurs due to other factors, for example cysts in the ovaries, abnormalities in the thyroid gland, disorders of the pituitary gland, and so on. Each of these conditions can generally be differentiated through several examinations, including ultrasound.

Low back pain, hard stomach, and discomfort that appears in the vagina can occur due to normal things due to hormonal changes just before menstruation. Or, it could be that these complaints arise due to other causes, for example:

Ovarian cysts
Pelvic inflammation
Urinary tract infection or stones
Infections around the vagina
Vaginal irritation, and so on

Going directly to the doctor is certainly better to detect early possible causes of your complaint. If it is suspected that the complaint comes from disorders of the reproductive organs, the doctor can refer you to a gynecologist so that further examinations can be carried out, for example an ultrasound.


Get more regular breaks
Eat regularly
Eat more vegetables, fruit
Don't stress or worry too much
Compress the waist and stomach that feels uncomfortable with warm water
Clean the vagina with good quality water after every bowel movement and after sexual intercourse
Exercise regularly

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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