The Vagina Feels Sore After Doing The Splits?

Illustration of The Vagina Feels Sore After Doing The Splits?
Illustration: The Vagina Feels Sore After Doing The Splits?

, I can split. And once I did the splits and then my genitals ached. Is it possible that my hymen has torn?

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To be able to find out the hymen is torn or injured, it is necessary to do an inspecular examination first, namely an examination to see the surface of the hymen. Complaints in the form of stinging in the pubic area are complaints that do not specifically lead to hymen injury, this complaint can also be experienced by those with pain conditions in the muscles in the groin area due to split movements, vaginal discharge, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases ( gonorrhea, herpes). If you have never had sex and are not experiencing vaginal discharge at this time, then you can monitor this complaint for the next few days as long as there is no fluid or blood coming out of the vagina (other than menstrual blood), very intense abdominal pain, and no odor. delicious. Also keep the intimate area clean by washing with clean water, the use of special vaginal soap may be used but not too often and no need to go deep at all. Also drink lots of water, and when after defecating or having a bowel movement, the washing movement should be from front to back so that germs originating from the rectum don't move to the vaginal area. If the complaint does not improve for more than 3 days or less than 3 days but there are suspicious signs above, then you should see your doctor directly for further examination.

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