The Vaginal Area Has Been Itchy For One Week?

Illustration of The Vaginal Area Has Been Itchy For One Week?
Illustration: The Vaginal Area Has Been Itchy For One Week?

Tonight ,, I want to ask udh this week miss v area I was really itchy, even though the menstrual / menstrual bleeding was wrong huh ???? r nWhen do you see what specialist dookter ???

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Hi Rose,

Thank you for asking

Itching around the vagina does not always occur during menstruation or vaginal discharge. Itching can be a condition that occurs due to physical or mental disorders. Some of the most common causes of itching in the vagina are:

Hormonal changes, for example when approaching menstruation or near menopause Dry vaginal skin (xerosis) Infection of the vaginal skin, for example due to fungi (tinea cruris, candidiasis), mites (scabies), bacteria (folliculitis) Inflammation of the vaginal skin due to other causes (other than infections), for example seborrheic dermatitis, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, contact dermatitis Mental disorders, for example due to excessive anxiety, panic attacks, etc. Besides itching, are there any other complaints that you experience, for example vaginal redness, bruntusan, swelling, peeling, scaling, etc? Whenever the itching usually appears? Did you consume certain foods or medicines?

If the itching that you experience feels very annoying, try to check yourself directly to a doctor or a specialist skin and genitals. Through a thorough physical evaluation, doctors can generally identify the cause of itching, along with the best treatment, is it enough to administer topical medication, oral medication, or perhaps other treatments.

In the meantime, here are our initial suggestions:

Do not over-scratch the itchy vagina. Properly clean your vagina when you urinate, take a shower, and after sexual intercourse (rinse from front to back, not vice versa) Dry your vagina well before dressing. Choose comfortable underwear, absorb sweat , and replaced twice a day Do not use vaginal care products that can trigger irritation, for example fragrance soap, pantyliners, vaginal spas Do not pluck vaginal hair, shortened enough to not be too dense Do not engage in risky sexual activities Don't stress excessively Hope it helps yes ..

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