The Validity Of The Hiv?

ssalamualaikum. For all doctors who are on the site I pray that they will always be given health and provide sustenance by Allah SWT, amen. so I want to tell a little story. I am a man, at the end of February 2018 I did a risky activity, namely having sex with my partner without safety. I have had a rash on my hand that moved from my left hand to my right hand for a few days, common colds, common thrush, excessive anxiety (parno), diarrhea for only 1 night, after learning from the internet that I could catch the HIV virus from this behavior, Honestly my partner This is the first woman I have sex with, but, for my partner I am not the first man to have sex with him, there are about 3 of his exes who have had unprotected sex with him. As a result, in early May 2018 I managed to persuade him to take a VCT test at a private hospital in the Central Jakarta area, and it was stated that the test results were non-reactive using the rapid reagent method1. So, my question is, 1. Are the results she got on that date valid to represent her risky activities in the past, remembering the last time she did a risky activity before I was with another man, it was done 1 year ago? 2. Is there a possibility that I might be infected? In fact, I am doing risky behavior for the first time until now, namely having sex with only one woman, she alone. Thanks for the time, I really appreciate the availability of a doctor to answer my questions so as to help my anxiety. Regards * RZ

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Hi Riza,

It should be noted that, if your partner's risky relationship occurred one year ago, and then the results were examined at this time the results were non-recommended, then of course your partner does not have the HIV virus in his body.

Your next question about your concern about contracting, of course, will not happen, if your partner has been confirmed negative to have the HIV virus.

Complaints about your complaints above, such as: rashes, runny nose, mouth sores, diarrhea, are common complaints that often occur, and are not a specific sign of contracting HIV.

For more details, please consult directly with the doctor, who has done the examination for your partner.

Our suggestions:

Avoid excessive anxiety because this can also trigger diarrhea, skin disease, and reduce your immune system so that you are prone to disease. It is better to have sexual activity with a partner who has a clear history of sexual health. sexual unclear or doubtful Avoid sexual activity prematurely So, hope this helps.

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