The Way For Intimate Relationships Can Last A Long Time?

Illustration of The Way For Intimate Relationships Can Last A Long Time?
Illustration: The Way For Intimate Relationships Can Last A Long Time?

Hello doctor, I want to ask why my husband if having intercourse is only a short time can count 1 minute at most 5 minutes? Long story short, my husband works in a fast food restaurant, but in the warehouse staff, maybe because I was tired and thoughtful, but the first time we got married 1 or 2x we were on vacation for quite a while, but it was more satisfying, hehe. Is it default? Or because you are bored too?

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Hau Uwioktaviany,

Thank you for asking

Someone's stamina in having sex can be influenced by many factors. In men, often stress or fatigue is one of the main triggers for this. It could also be that your husband's condition occurs due to an unhealthy lifestyle, such as lazy exercise, inadequate nutrition from food, smoking or consuming alcohol, lack of sleep, and so on. Or, maybe there is indeed a disease that reduces stamina during sexual intercourse, for example diabetes, hormonal disorders, thyroid gland disorders, other chronic diseases, and so on.

You can communicate directly to your husband well, what exactly underlies his condition. If purely the complaint arises because of boredom, stress, or fatigue, often this condition is not dangerous and can be overcome with the following trick:

Let your husband get plenty of rest after returning from work. Serve your husband with a variety of healthy and nutritious foods, complete with vegetables and fruits. Give him enough to drink. Accompany your husband to live a healthy lifestyle, including routine exercise 1 to 2 days, keep your weight so that it is always ideal, sleep and wake up more regularly, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. Spend more time together when possible, including vacationing together, cleaning up the house together, eating out, etc. If your husband has a problem, be a good listener, help her find solutions to her problems Get to know your husband more deeply, what he likes, including sexual relations techniques such as what he likes to increase your knowledge of male sexual satisfaction points, apply to your husband Vary your sexual relationship techniques If steps above has not been successful in improving the condition of your husband, do not hesitate to teach I consulted directly with a doctor, a specialist in andrology, or the nearest sexologist.

Long-lasting lovemaking tips

I hope this helps.

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