The Way To Deal With Conditions Is Always Confined Themselves And There Are Personality Disorders?

Illustration of The Way To Deal With Conditions Is Always Confined Themselves And There Are Personality Disorders?
Illustration: The Way To Deal With Conditions Is Always Confined Themselves And There Are Personality Disorders?

it has been several years that my mental health condition has fluctuated, this year my condition has worsened after my mother’s death. I was last diagnosed with threshold and histrionic personality disorder. honestly I am confused by the diagnosis of my psychiatrist who is always changing. after my mother’s death, my sister forbade me to see a psychiatrist again because maybe he felt I was lacking in “faith” and just thankful. I actually was very tired of this situation, other people saw me fine, but when alone I often cry and almost every week. according to my doctor what to do, I have to therapy and continue treatment or shut myself up, while I doubt the diagnosis of my psychiatrist. and my costs are also not there, I have to finish my studies that have been neglected for 3 years. thank you for the answer

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Good night. Thank you for asking

Mental health condition is one of the important things which according to WHO's definition of health is a maximum and optimal condition physically and mentally so that mental health is not ignored. For mental health diagnoses can be adjusted to the conditions that you experience at a certain time, where this can be related to the condition of the problem at hand, feelings of heart, pressure from the surroundings. Regarding the condition that you convey the threshold and histrionic personality is a condition where there is a disorder in the personality where you become someone who easily changes his mood for a few happy moments and then immediately turns to sad, and usually more easily anxious about something.

For treatment with a psychiatrist will usually need routine treatment and not a short period of time because it usually requires a first approach between the doctor and patient. So that further can more talk and tell stories with patients more freely, so that doctors can further explore the patient's condition.

Some things that can help are

Have people you trust and feel safe
Share the things that concern you with the people closest to you
Write down your experiences and feelings in a book
Avoid overthinking things

If your condition is up to disrupt daily functions such as college / work / work on daily needs, you should immediately take it to the doctor, especially a psychiatrist.

Thus the information we can convey. Thank you hopefully useful.

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