The Way To Get Fat Cheeks?

Illustration of The Way To Get Fat Cheeks?
Illustration: The Way To Get Fat Cheeks?

I want to ask how to make your cheeks fat fast. My cheeks are thin so I don’t feel confident.

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Thank you for asking I am dr. Princess Claudya will answer your questions.

The condition of thin (thin) or fat (chubby) cheeks can be affected by:

Genetics: this is related to the thickness of the facial structure which includes fat, muscle, bone, and connective tissue that make up a person's face.
Heredity: usually a person's facial structure is similar to his father / mother
Weight: people with low body weight tend to have cheeks that appear thinner too, and vice versa for those who are overweight.
Age: the older a person, the fat, muscle, and bone in a person's face will decrease so that the general appearance of the face will be thinner than at a young age
Skin effects: people who are frequently exposed to sunlight or smoke tend to have wrinkled and dull skin due to the breakdown of collagen in the skin layers and the formation of melanin. This can result in the face looking thinner than those with healthy skin.
Certain diseases, such as lipodystrophy, are disorders of fat formation that can result in the distribution of fat in certain parts of the body to be less or excess. For example in the case of HIV patients

To make sure your condition is normal or the effect of a certain disease, you should check with a general practitioner, especially if there are other complaints. The doctor will dig up a detailed history of your complaint and perform a physical examination, investigations, or refer you to a specialist if necessary to determine the cause and resolve your complaint.

If your complaint is not caused by illness, you can do the following things to make your cheeks appear fuller:

If your body weight is less than ideal, increase your food consumption to increase your weight. The increased weight automatically makes your cheeks fuller. Prioritize the intake of carbohydrates, protein and fat calories in a balanced amount as needed. Avoid consuming saturated fat
Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits which will increase collagen production so that your skin is healthier and radiant so that it looks fuller
Use a facial moisturizer to maintain the health of your skin so that it makes it look full. The recommended ingredients are those containing shea butter, honey, olive oil, and aloe vera.
Do sports to shape and tone your facial muscles so that they appear fuller Some examples are:

Movement such as blowing a balloon that is done repeatedly,
Repetitive grimacing motion
The movements of the upper and lower lips are directed into the mouth and then move the corners of the mouth to the side like a laughing expression. Do it over and over again

Avoid stress
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol
Use sunscreen every time you are exposed to the sun

If you feel these things still don't make your cheeks fuller, you actually don't need to worry if your thin cheeks are not caused by disease, because this is not a dangerous thing.

However, if your complaint is more due to cosmetic or appearance problems, you can discuss with the plastic surgeon what action should be done. In this case the plastic surgeon will likely recommend procedures such as a fat injection into your cheek.

That is the explanation from me. Hopefully helpful and useful.


dr. Princess Claudya

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