The Weight Of A 3-year-old Is Not Ideal?

Illustration of The Weight Of A 3-year-old Is Not Ideal?
Illustration: The Weight Of A 3-year-old Is Not Ideal?

, my son is 3 years and 3 months, since 10 months he gained a little weight, even now only 10 kg with 88cm height, my child is active and there are no symptoms of anemia and even eat a lot, is this included iron deficiency?

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I understand your concern. Based on the WHO growth curve, the ideal body weight for 3 years is 12.1 - 15.9 kg for women and 12.7 - 16.3 kg for men. The average weight of a child will increase about 1.8-2 kg from the second year, if you gain less than 1 kg, you need to be aware of growth problems.

It is important to remember that a child's growth is influenced by adequate nutrition, amount of sleep, physical activity, and environmental stimulation. Each child also has a different rate of growth and development, which is strongly influenced by genetic factors.

So if your child's body weight is not within the ideal range, it is not necessarily classified as malnourished or otherwise fat. Other data are needed such as height and head circumference to determine the child's nutritional status more accurately.

There are several possible causes for a child's underweight including:

 Genetic factors. Poor nutrition.
Food provides the energy and nutrients your child needs to make him healthy. If your child does not get enough calories and nutrients, including protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals, he can experience malnutrition. Certain medical conditions:
- Having an infection.
- There are problems in the intestines, heart, hormones, lungs, and liver.
- Children with cystic fibrosis who have difficulty absorbing nutrients. This disease attacks the pancreas, the organ in charge of producing enzymes needed for digestion. besiber important role in producing components of red blood cells or hemoglobin. When the amount of iron in the body is inadequate, then automatically the supply of hemoglobin is also reduced. This condition can be caused by lack of iron intake from food consumed by the mother during pregnancy or the amount of iron consumed in childhood. Children who have iron deficiency anemia natural risk cognitive problems. This results in stunted growth, intelligence development, and affects normal bodily functions. ADB happens gradually. First, a decrease in the amount of iron in a child's body, then this affects the brain function and muscle function of children who are developing.

children who suffer from deficiency anemia generally experience decreased appetite, a body that is easily tired and tends to get sick easily. Other signs, namely:

 Headache or dizziness Rapid heartbeat The skin looks pale, especially around the hands, nails, and eyelids Children become more fussy. For older children, mothers need to provide foods that are high in iron content.

Therefore, it is important for parents to routinely record a child's growth track record. If found weight and growth patterns of children who are not fair can immediately consult a pediatrician. To determine the ideal weight of children aged 3 years can indeed be done using WHO growth curve guidelines. But remember, to assess its growth accurately, other supporting data is needed.

There are a few tips you can do:

 Let your child eat fatty foods, which contain good fat. You can spread butter on the bread, add grated cheese on top of the paste, add mayonnaise on the sandwich, or if he is 4 years or older, you can add peanut butter to him. Give your baby a high calorie snack such as cheese, peanut butter biscuits, meat, or yogurt. Make soup using milk instead of water. Making milk soup plays a role in increasing the calorie intake of your child. Eat bananas and avocados as a snack between meals. Eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Choose lean protein. Such as nuts, fish, eggs, and other protein sources. Thus the info I can give

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