The Weight Of A 9-month-old Baby Is Difficult To Rise?

Illustration of The Weight Of A 9-month-old Baby Is Difficult To Rise?
Illustration: The Weight Of A 9-month-old Baby Is Difficult To Rise?

Hello, my child is 9 months 10 days, weighs only 6.6kg and has a head circumference of 44 and is 72cm long, is that still normal? I already dr, ank, and at the time my ankle is healthy, my BB is indeed lacking, I have already given nutritious food even meat and fat, even if he eats 4x a day, snacks and fruits all like it … his digestion is very good every day, my baby is still healthy ASI, my ankle is active and its development is also bgs … and Dr. ank recommends giving olive oil every meal and I’m cb..I am confused how should I do the genetic effect? I am among those who have difficulty riding the BB.

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Hello Nickniel,

To ensure the growth and development of children must be examined directly and the steps you consult with your pediatrician is very appropriate. In general, for a 9-month-old baby boy, the normal weight is around 7.2-10.9 kg with a length of about 67.7-76.2 cm. Whereas for girls their weight is around 6.6-10.4 kg with a body length of 65.6-74.7 cm. Your child's weight is a little lacking, but if the pediatrician does not find an abnormality then you don't need to worry.

To help you gain weight your child can do the following tips:

Give healthy snacks to children
Give children a meal on a regular schedule
Add calories to the MP MP ASI children, for example by adding olive oil, cheese, milk / milk
Give ASI as baby wishes

If next month the child's weight remains the same or actually falls, you should consult again with the doctor who examined your child so that you can re-evaluate the growth and development of your child. Underweight can be caused by lack of nutrition, impaired absorption of food, and the presence of certain diseases (eg tuberculosis, anemia, thyroid disorders. If a problem is found, your doctor can provide the right treatment for your child.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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