The Wound?

Illustration of The Wound?
Illustration: The Wound?

Some days ago I fell. Then now the wound is starting to dry. But at the red edges are speckled like bumps and bumps. Can it be said that it’s an infection?

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Hello Miftahul,

Injuries from falls can lead to several possible types of injuries such as abrasions, cuts or torn wounds. In the wound itself, if only on the top layer of skin can be classified as mild and abrasions. Healing wounds themselves can be shorter. But if not handled properly can also pose a risk of infection so that wound healing lasts longer. The infection itself is characterized by fever, redness, warmer palpable skin, swelling or festering. If this happens, it is necessary to do an examination by a doctor for further treatment.

In abrasions can also occur a change from the wound that looks wet then begins to become scar tissue and become dry like a sores. In the process of wound healing, manipulation can occur, such as a dry wound in scratching or dry coating in scratching, causing new injuries, one of which can cause bleeding. Another possibility could be caused by the use of a cream to treat wounds that can cause allergic reactions. For this reason, you should pay attention to the signs that arise in your wound, if there is a sign of infection to immediately be examined by a doctor. Try to keep the wound clean and dry, avoid exposure to dust or other dirt can be covered using a bandage, and avoid using tight clothing that suppresses the wound.

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