The Wound Fell Due To Rubbed On The Asphalt While Playing The Ball A Long Time To Heal?

hello, i hope my question will be answered, i am 14 years old. about 1 month ago my friends and I played ball, but at that time I fell due to stepping on the ball. Now when I fell, quite a lot of blood came out, my wounds were only about 1.2 cm. At that time I saw my wound was white and me and my friends thought that the wound rubbed until my flesh was visible, finally my friends suggested using a leaf that was said to be used by Ambonese to treat the wound, I pounded it and I used it over my wound, but because the next day I have to wear shoes, I soak them using salt water for up to 2 days, I’ve also tried using betadine. but instead of dry it even fester, until now my wound if it is dry it must be the next day when I wake up, it will even swell and fester, finally I push and the wound will open again, but it doesn’t hurt because the pus has come out, please give me the solution, thank you πŸ™‚

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Hello Immanuela Mutiara Rachmani,

Pus is a thick, yellowish-white liquid, sometimes greenish or brownish in color and has an unpleasant odor. Pus contains white blood cells, germs, and dead body tissue. A festering wound occurs due to inflammation of the wound caused by infection.

Risk factors that can increase the risk of infection that can trigger pus in the wound include the following:

There are foreign objects stuck in the wound, such as pieces of wood, glass, or metal. As a result the wound healing process is hampered.
Having certain diseases, such as diabetes mellitus, tuberculosis, cancer, immune disorders that can slow the wound healing process.
Lack of the immune system due to malnutrition, the effects of radiation, and the use of certain drugs that will increase the risk of infection
Repeated trauma (eg rubbing) on ​​the wound so that the risk of infection is greater and the healing process is hampered.
Impaired blood circulation due to certain conditions, such as narrowing of the arteries, high blood pressure

Wounds that are infected and suppurate generally give symptoms of swelling in the area around the wound, redness of the skin around the wound, feel pain, and the skin is warmer to the touch than the skin of other body parts. In more severe conditions the patient can feel fever. Infected wounds will heal longer. Some types of festering wounds can improve on their own even though it takes a long time. However, these injuries are very likely to cause complications if not treated properly. Here are some treatments that need to be done on wounds that have an infection:

Clean the wound regularly using clean water / sterile solution and antiseptic soap to kill germs. Clean the pus or dead skin that is there with clean gauze.
The doctor will likely give antibiotics for consumption for several days. If the wound is heavily infected, antibiotics are given by infusion. In addition, doctors will also provide pain relief drugs
If pus is formed a lot and is located in the deeper part of the skin, the doctor may recommend a small surgical procedure to make an incision in the skin and tissue or by inserting a needle through the skin to remove the pus.

We recommend that you immediately consult a festering wound to the doctor if blood continues to flow from the wound, pain in the wound that is unbearable, the skin around the wound does not feel anything (numbness), can not move the limbs of the wound, the wound produces an unpleasant odor , has a high fever, suffers from other diseases such as diabetes / HIV / cancer / and other diseases that can interfere with the wound healing process, and pregnant women.

With proper handling procedures, festering wounds can heal. It is highly recommended that you consult a doctor directly so that you can treat the wound well and prevent the spread of infection to other members of the body. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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