The Wound From The Fracture Did Not Dry Out?

I really did not run dry surgery broken wound wound added in the blood out That’s why

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Need to be clarified, in which part of your body exactly did your surgery before? When did the surgery take place? Besides bleeding continuously, are there any other complaints that you have experienced? Do you have a history of certain diseases before?

Injured fracture surgery can have a different healing time, depending on its location, size, type of operation, post-operative care, and your general health condition. Wounds that still bleed, if the amount is small, and occur only a few days or a few moments after surgery are generally not dangerous. With good postoperative care, often these wounds can heal on their own without the need for special management.

However, if you find very much bleeding, in the long term after the operation (more than 1 week), especially accompanied by other complaints, such as swelling, severe pain, discharge from the pus or secretions that smell bad from the former operation, fever, chills, and so, you should be more vigilant. You also need to be vigilant if previously you often have problems with bleeding disorders, for example in the form of frequent nosebleeds, bleeding gums, vomiting blood, skin bruising without cause, black bowel movements, and so on. It is feared that your ongoing bleeding is due to a secondary infection in a surgical scar or a bleeding disorder, for example due to leukemia, hemophilia, or other diseases. If this condition happens to you, have your complaint checked immediately by a doctor or an orthopedic surgeon who operated on you before.

In-depth interviews and a thorough physical examination, coupled with several supporting tests, for example laboratories, X-rays, CT scans, and so on, can usually help doctors in determining the best treatment. Not only that, at home, you can do the initial handling as follows:

Clean your scars regularly using sterile gauze soaked with NaCl, press the area that continues to bleed so that the bleeding stops
Avoid excessive mobility using areas of the body that were used for surgery
much rest
Drink and eat enough, especially foods rich in iron and vitamin K
Do not smoke or consume any drugs without doctor's advice
Don't panic, stay calm

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