The Wound Is Festering And Has Dried Up?

Illustration of The Wound Is Festering And Has Dried Up?
Illustration: The Wound Is Festering And Has Dried Up?

, my wound was festering and the pus was dry like a sore. What should I do? Left or peeled?

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Hello azumiashura_,

There are many types of injuries where each wound has a different treatment. Pus itself is a thick white liquid that can arise due to the wound process mixed with dead cells and also accompanied by bacteria. Pus is also a sign of bacterial infection and inflammation of the wound. To overcome this need to be done several efforts depending on the type of wound itself, if the wound continues to discharge pus or swell, it is necessary to make efforts to clean and treat the wound so that pus can be removed and given medicine to overcome the infection.

If it forms a scab, it needs to be seen whether the wound is deep and difficult to dry, if yes it can indicate a bacterial infection so it needs to be taken to clean the wound to help the healing process. It is a good idea to check your condition so that you clearly know the condition of the wound you are experiencing and get appropriate treatment. Try to keep the wound dry and keep the wound clean by not peeling the wound, especially with hands or tools that are not clean because it can risk causing irritation and infection in the wound area. You can clean the wound using salt water or saline solution to clean the wound and cover it with a sterile bandage. Later, doctors can also provide pain relievers and antibiotics either taking medication or rubbing it as needed.

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