The Wound On The Skin Of The Thumb To Peel?

At night, the palm of my thumb was severely injured and dry thick and finally peeled off. What I’m asking is, Will my thumb print change? remembering peeling skin and replace new skin. Thanks for the explanation.

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Wounds on the finger skin, both in the form of scratches and burns and other types of wounds will at least damage the outermost skin structure (epidermis) which determines a person's fingerprint pattern. However, in the process of healing it will normally grow back the same as the previous pattern, it's just that sometimes accompanied by a scar or a residual wound that will add to scratches or your fingerprint motif.

For this reason generally in the identification agencies (making ID cards, passports, etc.) it is advisable to record fingerprints on both hands, so that if there is a change in one hand, it can be identified using the other hand. On the other hand, additional fingerprint changes due to injury will not make someone's fingerprint is not unique, but rather more unique (more different for each person), and usually in the process of identification will be taken into account the factors for changing the fingerprint.

Thus, hopefully it can be useful.

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