The Wound Oozes Fluid?

Illustration of The Wound Oozes Fluid?
Illustration: The Wound Oozes Fluid?

Good afternoon, I want to ask on Monday, then my toe was hit by the motorbike standard and it caused my nails to slide and open, I had been splashed with revanol and given betadine, for the last 2 days I gave gentamicin ointment. My wound is clear, but odorless, or smells normal. My question is whether this indicates an infection or what medicine should I give? thank you

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Hello Yolanda

The presence of fluid (but not blood) from the wound indicates the death of white blood cells that are unable to fight against germs, if the number of germs is more dominant, the fluid will generally turn white or even turn greenish yellow and accompanied by an unpleasant odor.

The use of gentamicin and rivanol ointments cannot be applied to all types of wounds, given that one type of wound can have different treatments. Moreover, the condition experienced by Yolanda was accompanied by shifting and open nails, which may have resulted in a sizable tear due to the forced removal of the nail as a result of being hit by the "standard" motorbike.

The right action to do is to clean the wound with running water and give an antiseptic solution such as povidone iodine, then consult a doctor immediately. To be able to assess whether it is necessary to remove the shifting nails. In certain conditions, even though the nails are not completely removed, the right action to deal with the wound is to remove the nail either partially or completely (depending on the condition of the wound) so that the tissue under the nail can heal properly, because in some cases if the nail remains maintained it will actually hinder the healing process and even lead to infection.

In addition, a direct doctor's assessment is also needed to assess whether there are shifts, cracks or fractures in the finger joints. And also to assess whether the wound occurs it is necessary to suture the wound (especially if the wound is large and deep).

Given that this condition has only occurred for 2 days, Yolanda's advice is to clean the wound with clean running water and give a little povidone iodine antiseptic solution to the wound, you should not use gentamicin ointment unless it is on clinical judgment from a doctor, because if the ointment is given if the target is not right, it can actually hinder the recovery process. For temporarily not using shoes, and avoiding standing for long periods of time, the wound area should also be covered by sterile gauze and try to keep it dry (except when cleaning the wound with clean water and povidone iodine solution).

If within a few days the complaints do not get better, or the discharge becomes whiter or even yellowish and greenish, then Yolandha should immediately go to the doctor for further treatment.

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