The Wound

Illustration of The Wound
Illustration: The Wound

Hello doc, I want to ask, my nephew was hit by the tip of the antenna pole which was blunted under the eyes, but there was a wound under his eyes, then after that he was vomiting, cold sweat, and dizzy, is that okay, doc, or was he stricken with shock?

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Hello Rizky, thank you for asking at

Trauma to the eye can be caused by various things such as bumping, being stabbed, being scratched by objects, the entry of foreign objects and so on. In some conditions other than bleeding due to injury can also occur in the eye infection due to objects that cause unclean trauma. When an infection occurs, it can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, fever, and so on. But to find out the exact cause of course must be examined directly by a doctor. If an infection does occur, antibiotic treatment will be given.

Related to your question, shock can occur due to various conditions, but if it is associated with injury it can happen if bleeding occurs so badly that the body experiences a lack of fluids. Therefore, if a situation like this happens then immediately see a doctor to get treatment immediately.

For now things that can be done are:

Keep eye clean
Don't rub your eyes
If there is pain, compressing the eye can be done to relieve symptoms
Take pain relievers such as Paracetamol if pain occurs
Give enough fluids and eat healthy and nutritious food to help wound recovery

So, hopefully useful.

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