The Wrist Feels Painful Especially When It Is Bent?

Illustration of The Wrist Feels Painful Especially When It Is Bent?
Illustration: The Wrist Feels Painful Especially When It Is Bent?

Hello doctor .. I want to ask r n Back in 3rd grade high school (about 4.5 years ago) I once fell and bruised my right wrist .. I was in the ER but the doctor did not recommend anything for my wrist except taking medicine and given thrombogel ointment r nlalu about 2 years ago, I had an accident falling from a motorcycle and again my right hand hurt because it supported my body … but at that time the most painful thing was my left shoulder, so when I entered the ER the X-rays were my shoulder. After a few months I finally checked it in the laboratory because I felt that my right wrist hurt .. it hurt when it was bent or vice versa r nbut the X-rays said nothing had happened “on my wrist r nIt’s been 5 months that my wrist hurts again .. every month surely 2-3 times it hurts, burns, and hurts r nwhat do you think happened to my wrist? r nPlease for information r nthank you

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Hello, Dheamanda, thank you for asking

A sore wrist can be caused by disturbances in the structures that make up the wrist, from the bones, muscles, joints, nerves, to the supporting tissues (tendons, ligaments). Pain can occur due to inflammation, injury, infection, or nerve pinching. X-ray can only see things like bone and if there is swelling of soft tissue. So, other possible causes for your wrist pain other than fractures or joint dislocations (joints not fitting into place) are:

1.Strain or sprain (sprain)

2. Repetitive-motion injuries, namely injuries to body parts caused by using certain limbs repeatedly with the same movements. Movements that are uncomfortable and done repeatedly for a long time can increase the risk of this disorder. Examples are: Carpal tunnel syndrome, tendinitis, ganglion cysts, etc.

3. Arthritis or joint inflammation

To find out the cause, it is necessary to do an examination by a doctor, and if necessary, other supporting examinations such as MRI should be carried out. Treatment is according to the cause and severity.

The following things can be done to relieve symptoms:

1. Take pain medication such as paracetamol or ibuprofen (if it hurts).

2. Rest and limit wrist wear.

3. Compress with warm water or give pain cream.

4. If it does not improve, consult a doctor immediately.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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