Therapy For Coccyx Pain

Illustration of Therapy For Coccyx Pain
Illustration: Therapy For Coccyx Pain

I want to ask, what therapy is suitable for coccyx pain? the pain has been around 1 month due to falls and the age of the sufferer around 50 years. Previously, consumption of piroxicam was 20 mg but it had not healed. Thank you

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Thank you for the question.

Pain in the coccyx, if it occurs in an elderly person and appears to have fallen out, it should not be underestimated. Concerned, pain in the coccyx refers to serious conditions, such as nerve nerve, fracture or fracture of the coccyx, spondylosis, and so on. Not only pain, these conditions can also make sufferers feel weak or paralyzed, difficult to control bowel movements and erections, and of course very limiting their daily activities. Although indeed, it is not impossible that pain in the coccyx arises due to other factors that are not always related to the previous falls, for example due to infections or tumors that suppress the nerves, kyphosis, stones or kidney infections, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, pelvic inflammation, peritonitis, psychological disorders, and so on.

Our advice, pain in the coccyx, if the intensity is mild and not accompanied by signs of danger as we have mentioned before, you first handle independently by:

Apply warm or cold compresses to the painful tailbone
Also give paracetamol drugs so that pain is reduced (do not always give other anti-pain drugs that are not included in the class of free drugs, if not prescribed directly by a doctor)
Do not carelessly massage or give other treatments to the painful coccyx
Let the patient rest more, choose the most comfortable position, don't overdo the painful area, give him a flat sleeping pad, not too hard, but also not too soft
Accompany sufferers to undergo their daily activities, do not be left without adult supervision
Give sufferers a variety of balanced nutritional value foods, especially those containing rich vitamins B1, B6, and B12

If the pain actually feels increasingly becoming, or appears accompanied by signs of danger, you better take the patient to check the condition directly to the doctor or neurologist. X-rays, CT scans, or other supporting tests can be done so that the doctor is clear as to what appropriate management to be given. Do not forget, given the epidemic COVID-19, and also remembering elderly people including those at risk of experiencing severe illness due to this disease, make sure you provide adequate protective sufferers, such as wearing masks, diligently washing hands, and keeping a minimum distance from others 2 meters.

Hope this helps ...

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