There Are Hard Lumps Like Flesh On The Ankle That Feel Painful When Pressed?

So, on my ankle, right in the middle there is a small meat that appears, maybe I can’t call it meat because the texture is hard and the color is a little yellow and a bit shiny (the texture isn’t like meat). If you see the shape like a small worm that appears to the surface. My mother said it might be a wart, but if I compare it to a picture of a wart on Google it’s different. I think the eyes of the fish, but they look different, I don’t know what it is, and this something grew from a few years ago. There’s never been a serious problem with this thing, but it just hurts a lot if it’s depressed when I’m wearing socks. What do you think this is? And the danger is that?

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Hello Tesya,

Thank you for the question.

There are many causes of 'flesh' appearing in the body. The symptoms of the meat must be evaluated, such as when it appeared, a history of trauma, a history of other diseases, accompanying symptoms such as pain, fever, or other symptoms that are felt in place other than the appearance of the meat, as well as the character of the meat such as the place of appearance, amount, shape, size, color, consistency, can be moved / not, firm boundary / no, tenderness, etc.

The following are possible meat in the middle of the ankle:

 Wart ganglion cysts Keloid rheumatoid nodules, which are lumps due to inflammation of the joint Hemangioma Lipoma You should come to consult a specialist surgeon so that doctors can evaluate complaints, conduct physical examinations, and conduct investigations. The doctor must look at the appearance of the growing meat to determine the diagnosis so that the doctor can do further treatment, such as surgery. For the time being, there are still many possible causes, it is uncertain whether this is something dangerous or not. Usually the doctor will take the tissue on growing meat and send it to the lab to check whether the tissue is malignant / not, so you can find out the status of the appearance of the meat.

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