There Are No Signs Of Childbirth After Passing The HPL?

, I want to ask if according to my doctor my HPL was on May 21 2018 yesterday … then I checked the ultrasound the doctor said everything was OK bbj 3.3 kg of amniotic fluid, I can walk debay, God willing, there is no obstacle at all, just still feel at home inside said if I want normal Wednesday, I can take an induction action to stimulate contractions or openings because I am afraid that my child’s BBJ will get bigger … I was given the option of induction through a drug that is inserted into the vagina and an intravenous injection … still confused, it is better if the drug inserted into the vagina is directly infused ??? thanks doctor

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Labor induction is indeed one of the recommended therapeutic options if a pregnant woman has not shown signs of labor after 41 weeks of gestation. There are various methods that can be used to induce labor. The use of these induction methods will be adjusted to the condition of your cervix at that time. If your cervix is ​​still thick and immature, there are several ways to ripen the cervix first:

administration of prostaglandins, a drug that is inserted into the vagina using a folley catheter to widen the cervical opening by manually separating the amniotic sac from the lower part of the uterus. following ways:

breaking the amniotic fluid (amniotomy) using the drug oxytocin that is administered intravenously

Drugs that are inserted from the vagina (prostaglandins) have the effect to ripen the cervix and trigger contractions, but the effect to trigger contractions is not as strong as when using oxytocin drugs. The drug oxytocin has a function to trigger contractions, but is not very effective at ripening the cervix. Prostaglandins are more comfortable to use because you are not put on an IV and you can move more freely anywhere. Even some doctors give prostaglandins on an outpatient basis (no need to stay in the hospital). If it is induced with oxytocin, of course you have to stay in the hospital and cannot move much because you are on an IV. Oxytocin's contractions are also known to be more painful for some women.

The choice of induction method above, of course, must be adapted to your conditions. You should discuss it again with your doctor, because your doctor is more aware of the current condition of your cervix.

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