There Has Been No Miscarriage Reaction After Consumption Of Abortion Drugs?

Illustration of There Has Been No Miscarriage Reaction After Consumption Of Abortion Drugs?
Illustration: There Has Been No Miscarriage Reaction After Consumption Of Abortion Drugs?

I was 4 months pregnant. I had to abort my womb because I was bound by a work contract. I took 3 days ago to take an abortion drug from the doctor but nothing happened even though it had been guided for its use … that’s why

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Need to be clarified, what is the exact drug you are taking? Is it true that you get the medicine directly from a doctor?

Pregnancy is a blessing from God who should be grateful. Many couples who are married out there who really want a baby but have not been trusted by God, so willing to take a variety of ways to be able to have children. Therefore, you, as someone whom God trusts to have children, should take care and care for them with full responsibility and sincerity. The act of abortion without a clear medical indication is a dishonorable act that is prohibited in the norms of our society. Not only that, the perpetrators and those who facilitate him (including doctors) are also threatened with criminal sentences that are not easy. Therefore, for ethical reasons, we are not authorized to explain to you what the appropriate method of abortion is.

In the medical realm, there are several types of drugs that can be used to prevent pregnancy or also shed a fetus that is already formed. However, as with other drugs, the effects of these drugs can vary, depending on the condition of each person. Your condition that does not experience any signs of miscarriage, can mean a lot, for example due to improper drug administration, because the fetus is already firmly attached to the uterine wall so it is not easy to decay, because it is not pregnant (late menstruation can also occur due to other reasons besides being pregnant), and so on. Without checking you directly, we certainly cannot conclude what kind of conditions you are experiencing right now.

Our advice, you go back to your obstetrician to get the right treatment regarding your case. With an ultrasound examination, usually the doctor can assess whether you are pregnant. If it is true, the doctor will also evaluate what your current pregnancy condition is like. A good doctor will certainly not take actions that violate medical ethics, including also for cases of abortion. Therefore, if you are pregnant, your doctor will usually give you some pregnancy supplements, educate you about good pregnancy care procedures, and help you find the best solution related to your work.

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