There Is A Lump From The Clitoral Opening?

Illustration of There Is A Lump From The Clitoral Opening?
Illustration: There Is A Lump From The Clitoral Opening?

Good afternoon, hety hety 29 years 1y ago I gave birth to my second child, and only 2 days later I felt a bulge from inside the clitoris hole when I was cleaning my inner v. What is that about? Normalize like that or because there is something?

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Hello Hety ...
Thank you for asking at, I try to help answer yes ...
The clitoris is one area of ​​the vaginal area, the appearance of a lump in that area can be a normal condition, but it can also be a condition that needs attention. Some causes of bumps or lumps in the vaginal area are:
- Cyst: shaped like a lump with varying sizes, these cysts can appear in the vaginal area or vulva. The most common cyst is the inclusion cyst, which is a type of cyst that usually appears after giving birth or when a vaginal injury occurs. Usually not painful, normally these inclusion cysts can go away on their own without treatment. But if the size of the lump gets bigger, uncomfortable when having sex and when doing activities to cause pain you should immediately contact a doctor, because the pain that arises can be a sign of an infection.
- Genital warts: this condition includes sexually transmitted diseases, usually characterized by the emergence of small red lumps easily reddish or reddish brown around the vaginal wall and can get to the anus, in some circumstances these genital warts do not cause pain, but can also cause complaints Itchy and sore, these warts are caused by being caused by the HPV virus and transmitted through sexual contact.
- Genital herpes: this condition is caused by the HSV virus, usually through sexual, anal or oral transmission. Complaints caused by itching, tingling, there are sores and lumps in the vaginal area that contain fluid, this complaint can also be accompanied by fever and pain in the genital area.
- Other causes can be vaginal skin tags or skin growing in the vagina measuring about 2-10mm in the area around the vagina. But to be more sure you should check with your doctor, as long as the lump does not provide complaints such as pain, fever, itching to interfere with activities, you can maintain the cleanliness of the vaginal area and keep it from getting moist, change clothes in at least 2x a day. Get enough rest, eat nutritious food and be diligent in washing your hands after doing any activity so that your hygiene and personal health are always maintained.
Thus my answer, hopefully it helps.

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