There Is A Lump Near The Nipple

Illustration of There Is A Lump Near The Nipple
Illustration: There Is A Lump Near The Nipple

Hello doc, doc I want to ask near my nipple there is a lump but the lump is itchy. Then when I push out the pus continues with blood? That’s why, doc?

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Hello Angelica,

Thank you for the question.

The following are possible causes of a lump near the nipple that comes out pus accompanied by blood:

Boils or boils.
Breast abscess.

Depending on the shape and size, the appearance of a lump can be caused by a blockage of the gland at the base of the breast, it can be the hair gland, or breast gland, and the lump is infected so that it produces pus which can also be accompanied by blood. This is usually triggered by the risk of breastfeeding, having had previous breast infections, poor breast hygiene, smoking habits, etc.

Here's what you can do to reduce complaints:

Do not scratch the itch on the lump.
Compress the lump with warm water at least three times a day.
Take pain relievers like paracetamol.
Clean the broken bumps with gauze with saline liquid or at least with water and mild soap. Cover the broken lumps with sterile gauze, and replace the bandages regularly.
Washing hands before and after touching a lump.

If the lump gets bigger again, feels very painful, accompanied by fever, you can visit a doctor. The doctor will do the examination and treatment in accordance with the condition of the lump, such as for example by taking pus, and giving antibiotics.

Hopefully this information helps and hopefully get well soon.


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